ossystems-onsite-only-recipe-handler is a class to allow recipes to be skipped when using BitBake in contexts where code repositories referenced by recipes cannot be reached, in which cases BitBake would error out.

An example scenario would be: you have recipes in your company’s layer that reference code repositories that are only available from within your company’s internal network. Those recipes would work fine when you are running BitBake at your company, but they would break if someone out of your company (e.g., a partner company) attempts to use your layer.

The ossystems-onsite-only-recipe-handler class works around that issue by providing a variable (OSSYSTEMS_ONSITE_ONLY_RECIPES) that is used to specify which recipes should be ignored when running BitBake from a location that cannot access some restricted code repositories.

The OSSYSTEMS_USE_ONSITE_ONLY_RECIPES variable specify when the on-site-only feature is enabled or not. If its value is 1 (enabled), the recipes listed in OSSYSTEMS_ONSITE_ONLY_RECIPES will be actually used by BitBake. If its value is not 1 (disabled), recipes listed in OSSYSTEMS_ONSITE_ONLY_RECIPES will be ignored by BitBake.

So, when building out of site, the OSSYSTEMS_USE_ONSITE_ONLY_RECIPES should be disabled (e.g., set to 0) to make all recipes listed in OSSYSTEMS_ONSITE_ONLY_RECIPES be ignored.

This class should be used from a "global" configuration file (e.g., the distro configuration file or local.conf). Here’s an usage example:

# Inherit the class
INHERIT += "ossystems-onsite-only-recipe-handler"

# Specify which recipes should be skipped if
    recipe-1 \
    recipe-2 \

# (i.e., recipes won't be skipped), but may be overwritten