O.S. Systems’ Development Server

How to get started with the infrastructure provided by O.S. Systems for you to develop your products based on the Yocto Project.


Managing platforms based on the Yocto Project

This document describes an strategy to manage platforms based on the Yocto Project. Basically, we’ll describe how to use the repo tool and manifest files to manage multiple git projects as if they were a single one and manage platform specific settings in an integrated way.

Products' release process

Addresses the problem of managing product releases, assuming the structure O.S. Systems has developed to make the management of complex projects possible.

Yocto Project add-ons


ye: Yocto Explorer

Documentation of the command line tool to ease the manipulation of files under the directory structure adopted by O.S. Systems to organize projects that use the Yocto Project.



ossystems-factory-defaults class

Documentation for the ossystems-factory-defaults class, which allows users to restore factory default configuration for software available in Yocto Project-based images.

ossystems-onsite-only-recipe-handler class

Documentation for the ossystems-onsite-only-recipe-handler class, which allows users to configure site-specific recipes, so that they may be skipped when running BitBake on contexts where they are not reachable.